SEO for WordPress

We've Got a fluid SEO Strategy

That Evolves with Google & Search Engines

WordPress as a platform has very big SEO advantage. Lets hear from a Google in-house expert:

"WordPress is a fantastic piece of software, it makes your site easily crawlable by search engines, solves some 80%-90% of mechanics of SEO and is the first step anyone can take towards creating a popular online business

When we build your site with WordPress, the site’s content is already Search Engine friendly. Then we will create built in SEO features which will make things super ready.

After that there are couple of things that need to happen:

A) Keyword Research along with Competition Analysis

B) Populate Content keeping in mind your right Keywords

C) Use built-in SEO features to further optimize every page, post and content

What is a ‘fluid’ SEO strategy?

Every market is different and requires a different set of SEO tactics to rank at the top of Google. The old 'cookie-cutter' approach to SEO is now dead.

At Aussie WordPress we customise an SEO strategy for your business based on your keywords, your website and the strength of your competition. And we constantly review it to ensure we're building the most effective links for your industry. That's what we mean by fluid.

It starts with the SEO Audit

Before we customise an SEO strategy for your business, we perform a comprehensive audit of your website, your competitors and your backlinks.

The SEO audit identifies the types of links we need to build to compete in your industry, as well as what content we need to add to your website to ensure it can rank as quickly as possible.

Industry link acquisition

When the SEO Audit is complete we set out to start acquiring as many high-value industry links as possible.

We create a strategy rollout plan that defines what activity we'll be implementing for your SEO strategy in the coming months... always with the view that as we find new opportunities, we update your SEO strategy to take advantage of them.

Website Optimisation

As part of the SEO audit, we identify areas of opportunity on your website where your competitors have an advantage over you. It might be that they have a blog they publish regularly. It might be that they have a different page for each keyword they're targeting. Whatever it is, we work with you to close up the gap.

We also get technical with your website, optimising your Title Tags, Meta Tags, Structured Data, broken links and internal linking structure.