Why Use WordPress

WordPress is a prominent open source Content Management System (CMS) platform on the Internet today. Though it is famous for its blog application, people has managed to excavate the hidden power wordpress. From magazine to business website or e-commerce shop - all can be built with WordPress.

With huge number of developers working on wordpress, it has become the number one tool of web design and web management, from simple blogging to strong and dynamics ecommerce site, wordpress managed its place everywhere.


Its easy administration dashboard, control over content, users and web, flexibility and customization attribute, and abundance resource makes it top CMS platform of the world, powering more than 74.6 million website on the net.

Features of WordPress

Thought there are lots of other feature related with WordPress CMS, bellow are given some highlighted feature which explains the question: why WordPress?:

1. Its’s Free:

WordPress is open source CMS platform meaning it could be used by anyone without any cost, releasing you from the engagement with web development agencies, saving your time and most importantly your money.

2. Trouble-free Usage:

WordPress require no coding. Just type your Title and Body of your content, add images or videos, select category and Click to Publish. That’s all. This easy to use feature will allow you to maintain your site by yourself. You do not need to hire some development agencies. All you need just little bit familiarization with WordPress and some of your time.

3. Abundant Resource:

Wordpres is equipped with more than 36,000 plugins and 2000 free theme. The numbers are getting higher and higher making wordpress community more resource full than others.

4. SEO Friendly:

WordPress CMS websites are very search engine friendly. You can easily change title tags and page descriptions etc, giving your website the best chance of getting indexed and ranked by the search engines. For advance Optimization, you have the option of using available SEO plugins for wordpres. Blog articles as well as content marketing are especially good for your SEO and this makes WordPress the ideal CMS platform for your website

5. Responsive and Stylish Theme:

WordPress allows easy integration of stylish and responsive design technology. This means that build one site and view form all screen: from laptop, desktop to portable smart device, making your site visible to more diversified device users, helpful for getting more traffic to business sites.

6. Built-in Blog:

Blogging articles relevant to one’s industry or profession serves as marketing effort. This is also good for SEO purpose. For publishing blog instantly, WordPress is ideal platform. Infact WordPress is highly favorite for its blog publishing feature, giving of people a chance reading your content, your offer. It doesn’t matter what are the number of posts, the more you create, the more likelihood users will keep seeing your site when they are doing their research, leading to more credibility.

7. Flexible, Customizable and Time Saving CMS:

In WordPress, you will be able to change things instantly. You will be equipped with lots of widgets, plugins, tools etc to finish your job in no time. You will be able to add or delete old and new pages, contents, photos, videos and images in very simple and easy way. You will be learning and doing everything just like Microsoft Office.

8. WordPress Ecommerce:

Free ecommerce theme and plugins for wordpress, making it best for choice for the small or medium business owner to go online. With wordpress ecommerce, you can easily manage your online business from web designing, product uploading to shopping cart design, secure payment gateway integration and lots more.

9. Strong Community and Great Support:

Unparalleled support is the part of WordPress Community. Whenever you have any problem, the community is always there to resolve your problem, making it a powerful platform trusted by millions to users for their own sites for conquering their own purposes.

Rich with top tech developer community, one can be certain that WordPress will be getting better and better in future. We, Aussie WordPres, feel proud that we are part of that development community. We are devoted to WordPress. We develop holistic website, theme, plugins, security fixing, SEO optimization based on wordpress. Our passion is our profession. We keep long-term relationships with our customer. For any kind of wordpress related consultation, feel free to contact with us.