What is WordPress? First Steps With WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.  First Steps With WordPress  Log In Begin by logging into the “administration area” or the back end of […]


Quick tips on how to Optimize WordPress site?

Today’s web users have the need for speed. With internet and cellular connections getting faster and faster, users expect sites to feel snappy. As developers, we must make sure we’re doing our best to serve those pages quickly. This article will focus on what you should be doing to make sure your WordPress sites are […]


Why Optimize Your WordPress Site?

Website speed matters. Fast-loading sites perform better on all fronts: better user experience, higher conversions, more engagement, even higher search rankings. If you’re after mobile traffic (everyone is), site speed becomes even more important. No one wants to download a 4MB website on their smartphone, but most sites are that way. Your website can be […]


How to Add RSS to Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a popular blogging software. It is available through a hosted blog on WordPress.com or it can be downloaded for private websites through WordPress.org. WordPress templates help users to connect with other social media sites through photos, links, feeds and plugins. WordPress software includes a widget that allows you to add an RSS (Really […]


How to Add AdSense Ads to a WordPress Site

One great way to make money online is by adding AdSense to a WordPress site. AdSense is an advertising network that has brought to website and blog owners an opportunity to make some money by showing text or a video on their websites. Adding AdSense to your blog it is very easy job to do. […]


How to Add a WordPress Blog to a Website Using Yahoo Web Hosting

Yahoo Small Business hosting space supports WordPress based websites. I have been working with Yahoo Small Business for a while now and have couple of websites hosted there. Steps 1. Go to Yahoo Small Business Hosting Account. Login with your username and password. If you are already logged in then click on “My Account” 2. […]


How to Add a PowerPoint to WordPress

Adding a PowerPoint presentation to your WordPress blog, whether free or self-hosted, allows you to incorporate more interesting media types to your content. You can upload and add a PowerPoint presentation to display a visual representation of your point, much in the same way you can embed a video clip. The process is the same […]


How to Add a Music Player to Your WordPress Site

Maybe you’re in a band and you want people to hear your music on your website. Maybe you review albums, and you want to put up some song snippets. Whatever reason you want to play music on your WordPress site, you need to know how to do it. Like most things, there is more than […]


How to Add Read More to WordPress

WordPress is an open-source blogging software that boasts millions of users. Its popularity largely stems from the user-friendly interface that allows people to use artfully designed and themed templates. The software is used both on blogs hosted by WordPress.com and self-hosted blogs on private websites that download from WordPress.org. By writing or pasting into these […]


How to Add Categories to a WordPress Blog Site

This article refers to those who have a blog on their own domain. Categories for your WordPress blog are not as easily found as they might be. You could look for hours easily trying to figure out how to add them. Steps 1. Log into your website. 2. Look at the various options on the […]