Secure WordPress Sites

As a WordPress Security expert, we provide WordPress security related support like website scanning and Audit, Security system design and Monitoring to protect you, your website and your visitors. We will help keep your wordpress site secure, up to date, and provide our expert development and consulting services for you to utilize when needed.


Our services includes:

Security Audit of WordPress Site:

·  We utilize a mix of manual and automated methods to discover vulnerabilities, malwares in your site and hosting that could possibly be misused by abusers.

·  We also do code surveys, plugin review, penetration testing, load burden testing and security scanning for the weakest point that could make you susceptible in the occasion of an attack.

·  Review the security configuration of a site from an external point of view.

·  Perform a indepth dog nose Security assessment.


Security Lockdown of  WordPress Site

The majority of WordPress attacks target the low-hanging item, vulnerabilities that can be easily removed from a site when such a lockdown is performed. We will:

·  Install and configure a number of WordPress security plugins and code into your configuration file and database which is the heart of your site.

·  Protect the WordPress database from zero day vulnerabilities and ensure that correct privileges are being used

·  Ensuring right privileges to user.

·  Taking possible measure to secure WordPress site so that malicious hackers cannot find any information that can help them craft an sabotage against your WordPress site.

·  Removing various malware or injection which includes:

·  Obfuscated JavaScipt Injections

·  Hidden & Malicious iFrames

·  Phishing Attempts

·  Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

·  Malicious Redirects

·  Backdoors (e.g., C99, R57, Webshells)

·  SQL Injections

·  IP Cloaking

·  Social Engineering Attempts