Local SEO

Maximise your SEO traffic & conversions with Local SEO

Location-based keywords have a higher conversion rate and lower competition than other keywords. That's why we rank your website in the locations you target

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of ranking your website anytime somebody searches for your business in a particular suburb or town. And because location- based searches have a higher chance in converting to a lead or sale, you'll receive a lot more conversions from your SEO rankings.


Why invest in local SEO?

Think of the last time you searched for a restaurant in your local area... Do you remember the little map popping up on Google with an image and a list of recommendations?

It’s usually one of the first search results to appear on Google. And with Aussie WordPress's help, your business could appear in those listings. But that’s not all.

What we do for you?


There are essentially two parts to our local SEO strategy...

The first part is to get your website listed in Google Places so you appear in the Google Maps listings when somebody searches in your local area.

The second part is creating suburb-focused web pages on your website and then implementing SEO to rank those pages at the top of Google.

Why are conversions higher?


SEO is all about targeting keywords that 'buyers' use to find something on Google. Some keywords are more generic (eg 'electrician') and some are more specific (eg 'electrician sydney').

People who use generic keywords could be researching the industry, searching for a job or just looking for information.

But when somebody uses a location in their search there's a much higher chance they're looking for a service provider, and that means a much higher conversion rate.