How You Can Enhance Your WordPress Security

WordPress security is an important aspect you’ll have to take into account for every action that affects your site, starting from the plugins you choose to install, the themes you’ll end up using and other aspects that don’t come to your mind as frequently as they should.

Security is a serious thing and an ongoing process that you should always keep under your radar. Think of the following security tips as layers you’re adding to your website, making it harder to be hacked and violated.

For example, you were so unlucky that you got hacked and you don’t want it to happen again
Or you have to use some insecure plugins and want to make sure hackers will not exploit its vulnerabilities
Or you want to be able to scan and monitor if your website is not infected
Or you simply want to get security professionals ready behind you to help you in case of emergency
If you are not an expert in security and don’t have much time, desire or skills to work on a server side of your hosting and get your hands dirty with coding, then you basically have two and a half choices:

Go with WordPress managed hosting solution

Subscribe to a paid service (or buy premium subscription to security plugins) that provide your website safety and sanity.

Install free versions of WordPress security plugins, run their checks and keep an eye on their reports and warnings
The first one (managed WordPress hosting) is the most expensive but the least effort- and time-demanding solution. You just hands over all the technical stuff about web hosting and your website security to a hosting company. And everything you focus on is how your website looks like, the content and your business. Do note however, that managed hosting may be strict on using some plugins.

The second option (paid security service or premium security plugins subscription) provides you the guarantee that your site will be taken care of (or assisted with) from a security point of view. And it case your website is hacked, it will be cured by the staff free of charge (the charge is included in paid subscription).

The last option (free versions of WordPress security plugins) is a half-measure of the previous option – you install the comprehensive WordPress security software and do maintenance and after-hacking service yourself.

This section is worth actually separate detailed research. Here’s my article about choosing the best WordPress security plugin, combinging plugins and products for better security. both free and paid solution.

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