Convert to WordPress

Convert Your Custom PHP, HTML or Old Wordress website to Dynamics and Latest WordPress Site

Aussie WordPress, based in Sydny, Australia, is active in seamlessly developing and migrating PSD, HTML, and PHP based websites to more dynamic WordPress site.  We do restructuring of websites with related optimization. We can convert your website to more dynamic WordPress site with and without changing previous site architecture, giving best user interface and user experience. We can make your site SEO Friendly and Responsive, which is helpful for driving more traffic to you site. SEO friendliness will increase visibility of your site in Search Engine Result Pages and Responsiveness will allow your site to be visible from mobile device.


Our migration to WordPress Procedure involves the following steps:

1.       Understanding the Critical Tasks by evaluating the Existing Website.

2.       Setting up environment for the Migration. This can be done by keeping the old site structure or restructuring the new site with suitable theme selection or theme design which best describe the organization/ business goal or purpose.

3.       Migrating Content, Functionality and other features/services of Existing Website. Categorizing Content, Task, Post, Feature, Function and Services will be done upon requirement. Extra Content/Feature/Function can also be added if necessary.

4.       Optimizing the new site from both textual and non textual (images, video etc.) point of view for better and high performance site.

5.       Implementing SEO and Responsive design to the new site. (This is required for higher visibility in search engine to increase traffic to one’s site).

6.       Reviewing and Evaluating the new site by careful review of all import, make adjustment as required and If everything is OK, go live.

We do all our work within affordable budget. We do this because we are affectionate of it. If you think we’re the right WordPress website developers, if you have any question regarding wordpress website design or migrating your old website into worldpress site, feel free to contact contact us.