How to Start Wordpres: First 7 Steps

WordPress is an extraordinary item. It’s anything but difficult to-utilize, capable, and adaptable. Making a site, and keeping up a site, is a science and workmanship that has immediately developed. So as to completely welcome this it is vital to be well perused on the subject. One major thing to keep in mind is your […]


Quick tips on how to Optimize WordPress site?

Today’s web users have the need for speed. With internet and cellular connections getting faster and faster, users expect sites to feel snappy. As developers, we must make sure we’re doing our best to serve those pages quickly. This article will focus on what you should be doing to make sure your WordPress sites are […]


Why Optimize Your WordPress Site?

Website speed matters. Fast-loading sites perform better on all fronts: better user experience, higher conversions, more engagement, even higher search rankings. If you’re after mobile traffic (everyone is), site speed becomes even more important. No one wants to download a 4MB website on their smartphone, but most sites are that way. Your website can be […]