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5 tips I have for Twitter to help grow your brand.

1. Engage When I began to devote time to my personal Twitter account, the engagement aspect was second nature for me. I began to follow people who I felt had something important to say, who were interesting, and who were professionals in my industry. I started to favorite tweets, respond to tweets, and retweet tweets. […]

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Basics of Twitter

One tweet, two tweets,old tweets,new tweets, Short tweets, long tweets, right tweets, wrong tweets, tweets about content ,content about tweets. How do you get retweets, when all your  tweets seem like repeats? A  poem by– A.Dr Seuss   What is a Tweet? A Tweet is a message posted on Twitter, consisting of 140 characters or […]


How do you know your WordPress Site has been Compromised or hacked?

Due to its easy to use, flexibility, ready custom templates and abundance plugins, WordPress holds an immense share (60.6%) of websites whose CMS we know and a total of 23.4% of all sites. It’s a great news of being a WordPress user. But the problem is, WordPress is not invulnerable to threats and hacking attempts. […]